Guest Reviews

The best regards from Walluf-Germany

I hope you remember us, when we have visited your wonderful restaurant on 30 April for dinner.

After our comfortable dinner at your place, you invited me, my wife and two ladies of our group to watch the soccer game Madrid-Borussia Dortmund. The final minutes were so exciting, we never will forget this evening with you.

I still have the taste of your “Haute Cabriere” on my tongue. I think, tonight you will watch the final game also, enjoy it, and believe me, a German team will win!

Thank you again for the possibility to see the game, your good port and your hospitality.

Your German guests
Manfred & Inge Schnurr

I have just returned to the UK.

I wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed your restaurant. All the staff were brilliant, but worthy of particular praise was Carel. We visited twice and I watched him work harder than anyone else, which is saying something because the whole team were working hard.

The atmosphere was great, only beaten by the quality of the food. We absolutely loved the restaurant. We went to far more expensive restaurants on our trip, and they did not hold a candle to our experience at JJs. The restaurant itself would make us come back to Knysna.

I loved the staff coming out and singing a few songs, nice touch.

So thank you.
Matt Bradley